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Canon EF 28mm f/2.8

Canon EF 28mm f/2.8
focal length: 28 mm
aperture: f/2.8 - f/22
blades (no / type): 5
image stabilizer: none
focusing: Auto Focus
AF motor type: Overall linear extension system with AFD
macro ratio: x 0.13
minimum focus (cm): 30.0 cm
notes: A standard wide-angle lens featuring compact size and light weight. This lens is suitable for casual snap shot, landscape and architectural photography. A molded glass (GMo) aspherical lens element (1st) achieves compact, lightweight optical system with high performance. The small number of elements ensures sharp, high-contrast image quality and super-fast AF. Distortion is virtually nonexistent, making the lens ideal for architectural photography and scenes containing straight lines. Mechanical manual focusing.
maker: Canon
fits for: Canon
announced: 01.04.1987
discontinued: 07.02.2012
status: discontinued
zoom/prime: prime
mount type: full frame (EF / FX)
lens type: wide
weight: 185 g
length: 42.5 mm
diameter: 67.4 mm
filter / note: 52 mm
lens construction: 5 elements in 5 groups
diagonal angle of view: 75°
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